If your toddler loves bath time, count yourself lucky! Lots of parents really struggle to lure their little soap-dodgers into the tub. One of the biggest ways to ease a child’s anxiety regarding bath time is by making sure you always communicate with them about what you’re going to do and why, so that it doesn’t come as a shock. This applies to actions such as pouring water over their heads or washing tender parts of their bodies. As for making bath time more fun, we have some ideas that we think might help.

  1. Play a Game

There are lots of games you can play with your toddler whilst they’re in the bath, to make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Role-playing is a great idea; take some toys into the bath and let your toddler wash them in the way that you wash your toddler. You could also invest in some waterproof puppets so that your little one can put on a show for you.

  1. Experiment

There are lots of little science experiments you can carry out during bath time. For example, you could drop different objects into the water and ask your little one if they’ll float or sink. You could also play with various shaped plastics cups and containers, passing water back and forth to see how it changes shape.

  1. Get Creative

Let your little one decorate the tub with some art supplies; it will feel like a giant blank canvas. This could include crayons or watercolours, which can easily be washed off, but keep them entertained whilst you’re bathing them.

  1. Change the Colour of the Water

There are lots of easy ways to change the colour of the bath water to make it a more exciting and unusual experience for your child. You could even drop some coloured ice cubes into the water and let your child chase them round as they melt.