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  • Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Steriliser
    This Avent electric steriliser is simple and straightforward to use right from the start. at the touch of a button it will sterilise your bottles and accessories in only 8 minutes. Includes 1 Avent feeding bottle and handy accessories.
  • Avent Comfort SIngle Electric Breast Pump
    When you are comfortably relaxed, your milk flows more easily. That is why we created our most comfortable breast pump yet. Sit comfortably with no need to lean forward and let our soft massage cushion gently stimulate your milk flow.
  • Avent Microwave Steriliser
    Philips Avent Microwave Steam Steriliser's lightweight, compact design makes it ideal for use in and out of the home. Contents remain sterile for up to 24 hours if lid is unopened.
  • Philips AVENT Newborn Bottle Starter Set (Classic)
    The set includes 4 Philips Avent bottles in two different sizes; 4 oz. (125ml) and 9 oz. (260ml) the bottles are part of the Natural range and are made from child friendly BPA free plastic, bottle sizes are compatible with the entire Philips range including breast pumps to express directly to the bottle. The bottles come with two levels of teat, the slow flow teats on the 4 oz. bottle are designed for use from birth to 3 months and the medium flow teats are design for use from 3 -6 months. Both sets of teats have the unique anti colic Avent venting system which allows air to flow into the bottle at the same rate as your baby suckles; this prevents the build-up of a vacuum and prevents infant colic and gas.
  • Avent Formula Dispenser
    This unit carries 3 pre measured portions of milk powder in separate compartments. When you're ready to feed, just pour the powder into the feeding bottle of pre boiled cooled water. Remove inner sections to use as a bowl or container.
  • Nuby OneTouch Natural Bottle Warmer
    The Nuby Natural Touch Bottle Warmer is great for hassle free One Touch bottle warming. The natural touch bottle warmer safely and evenly warms breast milk and baby food to make sure it retains all vital nutrients, its easy to use, simply fill the water reservoir and turn on to gentle warm the bottle through. Unlike microwave warming this is hassle free and perfect for for busy parent. The Bottle warmer has a compact design which is ideal for travel and the warmer fits all sizes shapes and brands of bottles.
  • Formula Pro
    Formula Pro takes the hassle out of preparing formula bottles of milk. At the touch of a button, Formula Pro measures the water and then the formula powder to mix up a feed at the perfect temperature and consistency. For parents who make the decision not to breastfeed, whether for personal, health or other reasons, or for parents who choose to supplement their baby’s breast milk with formula, preparing bottles becomes a regular, potentially stressful chore. But with Baby Brezza, formula bottle preparation is now a breeze!