If you’ve got a baby on the way, you’re likely feeling an array of emotions; excited, overwhelmed, stressed! You’re probably worrying about what you need to buy, and whether or not what you’ve already bought is appropriate. The pram, for example, is an integral item that any new parent needs to add to their shopping list, but with so many to choose from you might not know where to start. We’re here to help, with some advice about what you should consider before making your final decision.

Of course, your budget and your favourite brands are big factors when making a decision about which pram you should buy, but there are other things to think about too. Firstly, a pram is different to a pushchair or a buggy; prams are designed for newborns who need to lay down to support their backs and help with their breathing. Prams usually face the parent. Pushchairs are for older babies and toddlers, are typically forward facing, and allow the child to sit upright. Finally, a buggy refers to the lightweight, collapsible chairs that are easy to travel with.

Think outside the box when it comes to buying your baby’s pram. For example, will it be able to fit in the boot of your car? Will you be using it in the countryside or mostly in the city? Different models are better suited to different environments. What’s more, your new pram should come with a safety label to ensure it complies with appropriate safety regulations.

Make sure you have all of the additional accessories, such as a rain cover or a fleece lining. Depending on where you shop and how much you spend, the accessories might come as part of the package deal when you buy the pram itself.

As with anything you use on a regular basis, your new pram will require some maintenance every once in a while, especially if you’ve been walking down muddy paths. Give it a spring clean now and again to keep it as clean and comfortable for your baby as possible.