If you’re planning a long car journey with a baby on board, you’re probably feeling a combination of excited and nervous! Despite being so small, your little one has all the power when it comes to how smoothly the trip turns out. There might be tears and tantrums, but you should be able to keep those to a minimum with a little extra planning. Read on for our advice!

Preparation is Key

When taking a baby or toddler on a long journey, panning ahead is of the utmost importance. New born babies should not be kept in a car seat for longer than half an hour so make sure you know where the service stations are and schedule in regular breaks. If your little one does start to show signs of distress you will know the best place to stop.

You should also add some nursery rhymes to your playlist and getting your vocal chords ready, because singing in the car will help distract them. Keep some toys and dummies at the front of the car with you, so that if they end up getting thrown on the floor you won’t have to reach round to pick it up!

Always Put Safety First

If your baby throws a tantrum during the journey, try not to let it put you off your driving. It’s important to keep your eyes on the road until you can find an appropriate place to stop. It’s also important to make sure the car seat is properly installed and comfortable enough for your little one. There are lots of toys on the market that are designed to be attached to the car seat. These are ideal because they can’t be thrown around the vehicle.

If possible, take another passenger along for the ride to keep your baby entertained and calm them down if they cry. As long as you’re properly prepared and have all the necessary supplies, you shouldn’t have a problem!