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  • Chicco Mini Golf Club
    The Chicco Mini Golf is tailor made for little hands to enjoy whilst improving their accuracy and hand eye coordination. The game features two game modes, training and hit the mole. Once the balls hit the targets, the set plays encouraging sounds and flashes different lights. Includes the base, a golf club, two golf balls and a golf tee.
  • Chicco Goal League
    Improve the motor skills of your mini football stars with the Chicco Fit and Fun Goal League. The set has three exciting game modes to choose from: penalty shootout, golden goal and challenge mode. Each one can be played as a single or multiplayer game with friends. When a goal is scored with the included fabric ball, the goal plays encouraging sounds and flashes lights to give your star the recognition they deserve. As your child gets better, the level of difficulty can be increased in the games. Goal scoring triggers sounds and lights 3 Different game modes Single or multiplayer games Soft fabric ball included
  • Chicco 3 in 1 Ducati
    Children will have great fun racing on the track like a real-life motorcycle racer. The track set-up can be changed to grow with children, creating new challenges. The four different track set-ups include: Race One: A simple straight track with simplified commands. The remote controls are inserted in the pits "engine". Kids simply have to apply pressure in order to start the bike. Interactive Track: The track can be turned into a ring, kids have great fun playing with the mechanical activities on the track (stop & go in the pits, flags). Race Circuit: It now becomes a figure 8 track and the remote controls can be removed from the "engines" for increasingly exciting races. The bike can movie in 2 directions: forward and reverse. First Remote Control Toys: The bikes can also be used off the track creating endless fun games for kids. Age: 12M+
  • Chicco Activity Walker
    The Baby Activity Walker will help your baby stand up and take those important first steps. All your baby has to do is hold onto the handle and start walking, and the toy will immediately play an amusing melody. When your baby stops walking, the music stops playing, encouraging your baby to take a few more steps. The Baby Activity Walker doubles as an activity center that will stimulate your baby’s imagination and coordination with amusing games, blocks, shapes, flashing lights, and sound effects. Age: 9M+
  • Chicco Fishing Island
    Where has everyone gone? Fishing! The Fishing Island game helps children learn accuracy. The light on the fishing rod suggests which fish to "catch". There is sound and light feedback when the fish has been caught. Children can manually turn the handle, just like a real fishing rod. Features: 2 electronic game modes to help identify shapes and colors 25 melodies and sound effects. An "island" is supplied for child to stand on to improve balance Helps child learn accuracy
  • Chicco Drive
    Emergency vehicles are firm favourites of all children, and Charge and Drive Fire Truck is no exception! The remote control is in the shape of a steering wheel which is easy to hold and natural for steering using the simple buttons to go forwards, backwards, left and right! The Charge and Drive Fire Trick features realistic engine, horn and turning sounds as it changes direction. This steering wheel doubles as the recharging base that the vehicle sits on to charge its built-in battery. The indicator lights on the charger base show the charging status and the green light followed by the horn sounding tells you when it’s fully charged for playtime once again! Suitable for 12 months +
  • Quut Cuppi Beach Toy Pink
    Quut Cuppi Beach Toy - Pink Quut beach toys are cleverly designed and durable. The Cuppi is a multi- functioning, three in one set for sand, snow and the bath at home. Coming in a fun lagoon green and mellow yellow with a calypso pink ball It includes a shovel, sieve and ball. Use it as a modern day cup-and-ball toy or use it to add another dimension to sand play. Use the shovel to scoop out sand castles and make tracks for the rolling ball. Or fill the specially engineered hole in the handle to write with sand or water. When playtime is over, snap the two cups together for easy transport.
  • Quut Beach Sand Shaper
    Simplicity at its best – no need to fill and tap to make these shapes. Just press in to the sand, lift and voila – you have shapes ready to decorate! Shape sand, mud or snow – maybe even play dough! Two shapes included in every pack. Click together for easy storage.
  • Ambi Ted & Tess Carousel
    Spinning top Push gently to make the carousel spin Cute teddy bear carousel Bright colours Little ones will love watching the happy teddy bears go around and around the carousel. The yellow top only needs a slight push to get the teddies moving, making it perfect for little hands. Bright colours and movement will stimulate the senses as your little one learns about cause and effect. Suitable from 10 months.
  • Halilit Baby Drum
    Put your baby on the road to become the next Ringo Starr with this super-fun Baby Drum! It has strong mylar drumskin, just like a professional one, for excellent tone and sound. It comes with 2 special child-safe beaters that safely clip to the sides for easy storage. Introduce your tot to music and maybe even let them create their own with this creative toy!
  • Halilit Baby Bongo
    Everyone can play bongos! Fun and easy bongos encourage young children to develop coordination and creativity, giving them the chance to explore the wonderful world of rhythm and tempo. With a colorful & appealing design, children will enjoy their Baby Bongo again and again!
  • Taf Toys Feet Fun Car Toy
    Take the stress out of travelling with this car activity centre. For rear facing babies, the toy attaches with adjustable straps and keeps baby happy and busy whilst in the car. With baby-safe mirror 2 soft, colorful toys with rattles and sounds and a special foot roller that feels lovely against babys feet. Stress free travel with this high quality car activity center designed so that parents can concentrate on driving whilst the baby plays. Keeps rear facing baby happy and busy whilst in the car. Easy to attach and adjust with strong velcro straps. With unique foot stimulation feature, 2 colorful soft hanging toys with textures, rattles, sounds and a baby safe mirror. Encourages the development of baby's senses and motor skills.
  • Tiny Love Double Sided First Baby Book
    Cute dual-stage illustrations book that stimulates vision and encourages tummy-time High contrast black, white and red images stimulate baby's sight. Variety of textures and crinkly elements intrigue baby. Helps extend tummy time. Easy to fold and take along. 0-1 months Immediately after birth, baby seeks visual stimulation beyond his blurry surroundings. Place the Double-Sided First Book to the side where baby's head is turned, to offer enriching visual stimulation 2-3 months Baby's visual field is still limited. When baby lies on his stomach, raising his head to look at the book, he is strengthening his neck and shoulder muscles.
  • Tiny Love Soft Cube Baby Toy
    Double-sided soft baby toy that includes numerous fun surprises A versatile, flip-sided baby toy that includes a variety of fun features that will intrigue and amuse baby Various elements that encourages the development of fine motor skills Encourages independent learning and exploration Offers fun joint play options for baby and parent, thereby encouraging bonding 3-6 months Introduce baby to toy, showing him how the features rattle and crinkle. 4-8 months Let your child explore the cube's various features independently and flip the cube from one side to the other. 6-8 months Play peek-a-boo with your baby and enjoy the toy together. 9-12 months Let baby enjoy the soft cube's more advanced features: trying to pull the inner cube out and put it back in place, using the loop to close the cube, etc.
  • Tiny Love Follow me Fred Baby Toy
    Multi-stage crawling companion in the shape of an adorable puppy Baby-activated electronic dog encourages baby to crawl by barking and playing a friendly tune. Flexible middle allows Fred to turn in circles. Promotes fine motor skills, cognitive and emotional abilities. Adjustable speed control. 6-9 months Before baby begins to crawl, place Follow Me Fred in circular mode. Alternate between clockwise and counterclockwise. Place the toy in front of your baby on the floor and touch it to trigger its movement. 9-12 months The cheerful music and slow movement will attract baby's attention and encourage him to reach forward and eventually to start crawling.
  • Tiny Love Musical Stack and Ball Baby Game
    Enchanting dual-stage elephant-shaped stacking toy with a colorful design 2 ball game levels: wide opening or narrow opening. Engaging electronic lights & music feedback. Easy-to-grasp rings that can be hooked together. 6-9 months Baby plays with the balls, holding them in her hand and shaking them to hear the fun rattling sound. She further explores them with her mouth. Holding a ball in each hand, she bangs them together. 9-12 months After she has learned to sit up, baby enjoys dropping the balls through the large opening (in the elephants’s body) into the base. She drops the balls and watches them fall, amused at their reappearance in the small tray, which she will just love closing and opening time and again. 12-18 months After baby is 12 months, he is ready for the more advanced narrow ball game option. Remove the elephants head and let baby develop his fine motor skills by dropping the balls through the narrow opening and enjoying the fun musical feedback.
  • Tiny Love Sunny Stroll
    Strolling along the path of developmental fun with sunny smile Caters to two stages of development: Batting and sensory exploration (0m+) Pulling for cause & effect learning (5m+). Flexible arch bends forwards, backwards, up and down. 6 different baby-activated toys for fun on-the-go. 0-3 months During the first three months, your baby needs stimuli for watching and focusing. Stimuli should be placed at an optimal distance (8-12 inches) and should have some movement. 2-4 month As he lies on his back facing the toys hanging within arm's reach, baby can gaze in the mirror, at the shining sun or the toys dangling in front of him. 4-6 months Baby’s developing senses and hand control allows him to reach out to the toys confidently, bat at them, hold them and pull them to his mouth for further exploration
  • Maclaren Quest Junior Denim
    Maclaren's Play Buggy is the perfect size for children from 3 years and up. The umbrella-fold stroller design and pull-back hood matches the parent model. Suitable for dolls up to 40cm/16in, the 3-point harness keeps them snug and secure on stroller rides.
  • Lamaze Activity Spiral
    This expandable spiral attaches to car seats, carrier bars, strollers and cribs for on-the-go play for baby. Bright colours and high contrast patterns promote visual development, while clacking rings and jingles stimulate auditory awareness and the hanging characters entertain baby. This versatile activity toy is also ideal for encouraging baby to reach, pull and squeeze, which helps strengthen developing muscles. Product Features: Attaches to carrier bars, strollers, and cribs Clacking rings and a jingle Hanging characters encourage baby to reach, pull and squeeze Age: 0 months+
  • Tomy - Hide 'n' Squeak Eggs
    Tomy Hide 'n' Squeak Eggs are a very popular way to develop your child's shape sorting and motor skills and provide hours of playtime fun. Your baby can crack open each egg to reveal brightly coloured press-and-cheep chicks. They can also match each egg base to the right shaped hole in the box. Sent wonderfully packaged, this incredible Toy will be sent swift 1st class delivery, before you know it will be sitting proudly on your table and receiving admiring comments from all your family, friends and colleagues!
  • Tiny Love - Where Do I Live Book
    Captivating activity book that tells the enchanting tale of animal habitats Soft book with easy-to-attach ring for on-the-go use. Packed with various textures, colors and sounds: crinkly paper, mirror, rattle, teether and peek-a-boo elements.
  • Tiny Love - Tiny Smarts Pink
    Adorable easy-to-hang jittery elephant clip-toy Charming little clip-toy with an all-smiles expression Engaging features, such as crinkly ears and jittery effect 0-6 months Cognition Fine Motor Skills Senses
  • Tiny Love - Tiny Smarts Blue
    Adorable easy-to-hang jittery elephant clip-toy Charming little clip-toy with an all-smiles expression Engaging features, such as crinkly ears and jittery effect 0-6 months Cognition Fine Motor Skills Senses
  • Tiny Love Teether Rattle Jittering Giraffe
    Baby discovers the world through her hands and mouth during her first year. The baby teether-rattle's textures and colors provide rich sensory stimulation that encourages baby's sense of sight.
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