Baby Brezza Bottle & Breast Milk Warmer


The Baby Brezza Bottle + Breastmilk Warmer is the only warmer with two warming modes to safely warm breastmilk and formula. It features a Warm Water Bath to warm or defrost breastmilk, which protects its nutrients, and Steam Heat to rapidly warm formula or baby food. Plus, it’s easy to use – just pick your settings, and the warmer does the rest, including alerting you when finished and automatically shutting off. BPA-FREE.


  • The only bottle warmer two warming modes to safely warm breastmilk and formula
  • Steady Warm mode uses a Warm Water Bath to safely warm or defrost breastmilk which preserves its nutrients (unlike most other bottle warmers that use steam heat which destroys breastmilk proteins)
  • Quick Warm mode uses Steam Heat to rapidly and safely warms formula and baby food
  • Easy to use – just select your settings and the warmer chooses the warming time, alerts you when finished, then automatically shuts off
  • Fits virtually all bottles, milk storage bags and baby food jars