Belt Up Kidz Child Seat Buckle – Blue


Buckle to hold shoulder straps in place, so your little one cant escape! Will fit most strollers, car seats and high chairs.

Dispatched within 2 days


Designed to fit Child Buggy Straps, High Chairs; Child Seats on adult bikes and some Trikes.

Child buckle clip is adjustable to allow child growth across the chest area.

Child buckle clip can also be adjusted further up the straps as child grows taller.

Product Tested and Certified for Mechanical, Physical & Flammability properties.

Will not pull the straps together – seat will work to original design.

Single hand side release safety buckle for quick release.

Portable for use on various items of equipment.

Interlocking belt clips – designed to be removed by an adult only. High quality, durable materials.

Easy to assemble, just clip on and go. Will fit on buggies, Highchairs; child seat on adult bicycles and some trikes etc.

The product needs to be fitted at the correct height to work effectively.

Please note This product is meant to be difficult to put on / take off so as to deter children from trying.

Please keep packaging for future reference.