Bumprider Ride-On Board


The Bumprider Ride-On Board is a ride-on board that every child will want. It is compatible with most pushchairs or strollers and perfect for when your toddler needs to rest their weary legs.

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  • Quick release and mounting mechanism
  • Easy fit and removal
  • Quick release and locking. Attach or detach your Bumprider with a simple “click”
  • Connecting arms, adjustable freely without limitations up/down and sideways to fit the child carriage
  • Unique suspension technique that ensures a smooth and easy ride
  • Connecting arms adjustable in length to further increase fitability and placement option
  • Sturdy grip surface to prevent feet from slipping
  • Quick release system for easy mounting and dissemble from your stroller, installation is very easy
  • Smooth suspension to reduce stress on knees
  • Adjustable connectors – change the width, length and height
  • Suitable for children from 2 to 5 years
  • Max weight 20kg
  • Anti-slip surface
  • No tools necessary
  • Suitable for forwards motion only