Fred Invisible Magnet Lock


Keep your cupboards sleek and elegant with our hidden, child-proof magnetic locks. The Fred magnetic key works through doors and drawers (max. 30mm thick), and you’ll fit it in seconds with no tools required.

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  • The EZ-Tool™ makes the locks so easy to fit even though everything has to be done within the cupboard. All of the tricky lining up is done for you, so you can get it right first time.

  • Uses Fred SecureHold™ adhesive to create a powerful and durable bond that attaches to most surfaces in your home, and wont tug off.

  • Pinch-free locking. Partial opening of a door means that finger-traps can form, so this lock keeps your cupboard or drawer completely closed at all times.

  • The unique EZ-Dock™ keeps the magnetic key safely out of reach when not in use, with a red spot to remind you to put it back.

  • Handy stickers to indicate where the lock is positioned. Optional, but we found them essential for the first few days!

  • Damage free removal. By following the instructions, you’ll leave no sticky residue and be able to remove without damage from most surfaces.