Rockit Zed


The Rockit Zed is an award-winning sleep aid that gently vibrates your little one’s bed to soothe them to sleep. The Zed cleverly mimics the feeling of being in a car using special motors that generate low-frequency rumbles and the revving of an engine – making it perfect for little ones that sleep better on the move.

The Zed has 3 static vibration speeds and a further 3 modes that offer varying speeds to simulate a car accelerating and decelerating, allowing you to find the most comfortable rhythm for your baby.

Now featuring a calming red night light, which has been scientifically proven to help relax babies and promote a night of deeper sleep.

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  • 6 calming vibration modes
  • Tested to EN71 safety standards
  • Portable design ideal for use on the move
  • Features a soothing red nightlight with 3 levels of brightness + a timer
  • Works on any type of mattress – including moses baskets, cots, prams, beds, or even feeding cushions