Safety 1st Lulu Globe Trotter 2-in-1 Night Light


A night light and a flashlight, the Safety 1st Lulu Globe Trotter 2-in-1 Night Light is the perfect bedroom accessory for a young child. Simply turn the blue ring at the base to switch between features!
In one mode, the Lulu can be used as a nightlight, giving a warm soft glow throughout the night and because the bulbs are LED, it won’t heat up When you turn the base, it stops glowing and projects a beam of light from the base so you can use it as a torch. the case is soft to hold in little hands so it’s perfect for night-time trips to the toilet, reading books, or simply searching for monsters under the bed.
The Lulu Globe Trotter is low energy consumption and rechargeable via a USB cable (included) and takes about 4 hours for a full charge, but will last for about 18 hours of continuous light.

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