Timboo Bamboo Bib


This bib will help to keep your baby’s clothes clean and dry. It is made of bamboo fabric, making it extra comfortable to wear.

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Bamboo culms have a hollow structure, allowing them to absorb an exceptional amount of water.

As a result, bamboo textile is very breathable and absorbs 60% more water compared to cotton.

Bamboo fabric is exceptionally soft with a silky feel, making it luxuriously comfortable to wear. Moreover, bamboo fabric is naturally antibacterial.

When washed at 40C maximum, it becomes even softer. Feel it to believe it! Only the best is good enough for your baby. That is why Timboo produces its fabrics with respect for nature.

Timboo bamboo textiles are naturally anti-bacterial, eco-friendly and biologically degradable.

Corporate social responsibility is the key to our children’s future.