TINY LOVE Gymini Kick & Play (Farm Theme)

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This baby gym promotes extended tummy-time as it is an important part of baby’s development. The kick and play respond pad and engaging mirror encourage tummy-time play for upper body exercise and help your baby to strengthen back, neck and shoulder muscles. Through tummy-time play, your baby will learn independent head lifting and will develop the strength to push themselves up and eventually crawl.

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1-3 months – During the first three months, your tiny baby will enjoy the soothing sound of the duck wind chime – move it and enjoy together.

3-4 months – Periodically place your baby on her back under the arches and hang the toys within reach of both her hands so that she can bat at them.

1-6 months – Use the various features to help amuse baby and extend tummy time while helping her hone her motor skills with the responsive touchpad.


• Responsive pad with lights and music

• Adjustable arches for multiple play modes

• Closable borders for a cosy and comforting environment